Advice 1: What documents can you buy a train ticket

Rules of ticket sale, the use of which requires the ID, regulated by the law of the Russian Federation. It also explains what documents can prove the identity of the person in the country. These documents can be used to purchase a train ticket.
What documents can you buy a train ticket
The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. This is the primary document that you use most often. Usually just say "internal passport". According to the law, every Russian citizen must have a passport after reaching the age of 14, but child documents are allowed to drive up to 16 years. When you buy a ticket on the passport as the document number indicate the series and number.
The birth certificate is the main document for the purchase of the ticket the name of a minor. The birth certificate contains information about the child: name, parents and date of birth. There are several standards for the birth certificate, but now as ID only accepts certificates issued by Russia (not the USSR). Be careful, the document number, which is specified when the ticket is purchased, it contains letters and numbers.
For foreign citizens arriving in Russia by train, as ID can be used or a passport, or state identity document that is recognized by the law of Russia to identify the citizens of a particular state. So, citizens of some countries can travel to Russia on their internal passports.
Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. This document is best used if you have Russian citizenship or are planning to buy a train ticket, which should be outside the Russian Federation. However on the passport to buy tickets and on domestic flights. The question of how it is acceptable to verify the identity of the citizen of Russia on the territory of the country the passport is not very clearly settled in the law, but usually it is not a problem.
Military ID card replace the passport for persons who are serving in the army. It is issued during the call for military service remains at the person, regardless of whether the service is done. In Russia there are military cards of different sample issued before the collapse of the USSR and after.
The seaman had the same value as a passport, for he was allowed to leave Russia and enter into it, but January 1, 2014, this approval was overturned. However, to buy a train ticket on the passport of the seaman is still possible.
Allowed to buy tickets and temporary documents issued on behalf of the Russian Federation. These include a temporary ID card, which is issued OFMS for issuing a new passport Russia (for example, in the case of loss) or a certificate that is given to Russian citizens who are in places of deprivation of liberty.

Advice 2: In what document can you buy a train ticket

Rail transport is one of the most popular ways of movement of goods and passengers. By purchasing a ticket on long distance trains, the passenger must present a document proving his identity.
In what document can you buy a train ticket

Based on what you require the documents when purchasing train tickets

Of course, the cashiers and conductors ask passengers to present identity documents do not on their own initiative. The basic regulatory act under which the railroad transports passengers, cargoes, Luggage and gruzobagazha for personal needs and other non-commercial purposes are Rules of rendering of services, as approved by RF Government resolution No. 111, dated 02 March 2005 In accordance with them, every passenger when purchasing tickets on long distance trains must indicate to the cashier data on the document proving his identity, or to bring the original or a copy of this document. Boarding the train is possible only in the case when you have on hand will be the original document, which you purchased your ticket.

What document certifies the identity when buying a train ticket

The main document that confirms the identity of the bearer and contains all the information necessary to uniquely identify it, is the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Other documents issued on behalf of the Russian government, serving as a proof of identity and citizenship, can also be used as the identity.

A complete list of documents that can serve as a certificate and be used for ticketing on long-distance trains, the law is not. But in accordance with the regulatory acts and other documents regulating the procedure, to include, in addition to passports, birth certificate, passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, a seaman's passport, military ID. You can also submit a temporary certificate, which is issued for the period during which you change or restore the passport.

For citizens in places of detention, as well as having the status of an accused or suspected identity document is the reference. If the ticket is purchased on a child under 14 years old, a document proving his identity, may be the birth certificate or his passport. Foreign citizens and CIS citizens are required to present foreign documents confirming their identity and citizenship.

Advice 3: What documents relate to the regulatory

The General procedure, the approach and uniformity requirements as in the activities of state bodies and activities of legal and natural persons that constitute the state itself, preserved and maintained through norms and rules, established regulations and regulatory documents. Subject to these rules and regulations, – civil and legal duty of any person and any business living and operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.
What documents relate to the regulatory
Regulatory main regulatory document of the Russian Federation is the Constitution – the basic law. Of course, it is not spelled out all the legal situation, but its main provisions set the General approach to rulemaking. Any other document from presidential decrees and government resolutions to the rules and regulations established by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and even some plants checked for compliance with the Constitution. Those rules that establish the remaining legal acts must not violate the rights of citizens and their interests, which are constitutionally protected.
After the Constitution, the main governing documents are the Civil code and the Labour code relating to all legal entities and regulating their relationships, regardless of the type of activity and form of ownership. Other regulatory documents are also earned to provide for all possible situations arising from civil-legal relations, and to establish a procedure for their resolution, eliminating discrepancies and contradictions.
Make it easier to navigate in these documents, they are divided by regions and industries. These regulations establish the regulations, rules, requirements and restrictions pertaining to any one activity. For example, reglamentary urban development or the shared construction with participation of investors-depositors, set the rules of lending or other financial activities.
Normative acts regulating the activities of enterprises by industry, develops the government, relevant ministries and authorities of subjects of Federation. These can be regulations, standards and instructions, and model documents on the basis of which enterprises develop their own local regulations.
Local regulations, applicable only to a particular enterprise, for example, include instructions and orders, as well as technical conditions and collective agreement regulating the relations between employees and employer. To the governing documents also include job descriptions and regulations governing the operation of each structural unit. But the bulk of regulations that guide employers and employees of enterprises and organizations is the acts, memos, minutes of meetings. Development of regulatory documents is one of the tools of management.
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