You will need
  • phone;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any);
  • - documents on privileges (if any);
  • - money for the redemption of tickets booked.
Call railway Agency of the city or, if in the area where you live, no railway, the nearest city, where it is available. Phone numbers of agencies you can find online telephone directories or learn to help train station departure of your train.
Tell the operator when you would like to go, how and where, what train (or what time for you preferably departure), number of passengers, the requirements for the type of car (SV, compartment, reserved seats, General, sedentary) and places (top, bottom, side or not in the reserved seat, not near the toilet) available benefits.
Based on availability, you will be offered possible options. Choose the most suitable read out the data of the passengers (surname, name and patronymic of each passport number of adults, birth certificates and documents confirming the benefits, the age of the children, as it often affects the price of the ticket).
Check with the operator method of redemption of tickets. If we are talking about the courier, it is only possible if your location in the same city as the Transagentstvo. To redeem the ticket usually well-defined banks, but the queues they are usually less than normal.If you purchase a ticket at the box office, keep in mind that it is better to do it not later than hour before departure of the train.