You will need
  • phone
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
Select a movieto see where you want to go. When choosing, try to consider not only their tastes but also preferences of the people who will go with you. Comedy, adventure and animated movies well suited for family viewing, and friends. If you want to go on watching the filmas a horror or Thriller, keep in mind that such genres can be not for everyone.
Choose a cinema to which you and your company will best be reached by car, public transport or on foot. Be sure to take into account the schedule of sessions, as well as prices for tickets. Usually they vary depending on time and day of the show. For example, during holidays in the evening the price of the tickets will be clearly higher than on weekdays and morning hours. Seats or VIP seats in the center of the room will also cost more. Consider the possible discounts offered by the theater chain. Many networks do discounts to students upon presentation of student card, children's tickets can also be cheaper.
Find out telephone number, where you can book tickets for a session. Many cinemas have their own website, where you can select a particular theater, check the schedule of sessions, the price of the tickets, choose a room (if a cinema multiplex) and even the desired place. The site will be given the phone number of the cinema on which to call for booking tickets or General reference room, the operator which will redirect you to a specific cinema or take your booking order. Ask the operator what time you will need to buy reserved tickets. Usually this must be done 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the session. For this you need to approach the cashier and give the name of the person that made the reservation.