You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone.
If you have access to the Internet, you can at any time go to the website of Russian Railways and ask in the search form basic parameters of the train's station of origin and destination and date. After clicking the button, giving the command to search, the screen you will see cruising in the day you are interested the trainand availability of seats on them. Clicking on a particular train, get to the page with information about the number of seats, type of train and fare.
In the presence of a credit card you can immediately buy a ticket. It is also possible to make money through instant payment terminals, but this must be done within 10 minutes after the reservation of seats. Will have to pay for and Commission the terminal.
To find out availability of seats in the terminal, set the key parameters of the trainCI using its touch menu. You can directly choose the option "Availability of places", or to view the schedule, then by pressing a finger to select the desired train and select the option "Availability of seats and fares".
Some transport agencies provide a service to inform passengers about the availability of places on the phone. Numbers can be posted in prominent placesAh in the Agency's offices, at stations indicated on its website.
You have to dial it, wait for a response and indicate where, how and when you would like to go. Can call and the number you are interested in the train.
The same information you should speak to the employee help Desk or service center's station if you prefer to contact them personally. This service can be paid.