You will need
  • Sol;
  • soda;
  • - cleaning agent.
Sometimes it is good enough to ventilate the clothes. Hang it outdoors in a well-ventilated location such as on a balcony or near an open window. After a couple of days the smell might wear off.
Wash clothing using any liquid detergent that you wash the dishes. It is well destroys fat and cope with petrol stain. Remember that the water in which you wash, must be cold. Thoroughly rinse the thing in a large amount, press and again soak, fill a basin with warm water and concentrated solution of detergent for dishes. Leave the clothes in the basin for the night.
In the morning, rinse again, wring out, then wash it in the washing machine. A compartment for powder, add two tablespoons of salt and soda. Use your regular conditioner. Do not put gasoline smelling clothes right into the machine without pre-washing in a basin and rinse, otherwise the persistent smell of gasoline will impregnate and your washing machine, and get rid of it will be even harder!
After push and rinse the thing again, leave it to dry in the fresh air – better for a day or even two. Usually after these steps, gasoline smell disappears or becomes hardly noticeable and finally disappears after the next wash.
All these measures can help if the stain of gasoline is small if clothes are heavily soaked, it is possible to try will address to the dry cleaners, but they can not guarantee the complete elimination of smell.
If the gasoline smell leather thing, then you need to wipe it soaked in soapy water with a cotton pad or cloth, not wet, but damp. Then wipe dry and leave for a few days to clear my head.