Try to soak the soiled thing in the solution that you wash the dishes. Better if it is a tool that offers excellent removal of fat. Leave the thing for a few hours, then carefully wash it in hot water using washing powder. Remember that watering should take place immediately after the detection of the spots.
Sprinkle the stain with chalk, which is pre-chop. Express clothes for 2-3 hours and then just brush off the chalk. If the desired result was not achieved, repeat the operation. Similarly, repeat the procedure using large quantities of salt.
Will buy in any store for household soap "Antipyatin". Soap stains and leave for a few minutes. Then wash clothing as usual. If necessary, repeat the procedure. If the thing is very delicate, which can not be washed, try to clean it with flour. To do this, take the potato flour and heat it. Next, the heated flakes liberally sprinkle the stain. After half an hour clean the contaminated area from the torment, and do it all over again. Remember that under the surface of the spots you must put a white cloth.
Apply stain to the surface solvent or kerosene. Then wash clothing as usual manually or in the washing machine. Remember that even with a positive result will be one bad point: the smell of oil, which is very difficult to get rid of.
Add when washing a variety of conditioners and fragrances. Don't be afraid to repeat this procedure. After getting the thing washed, be sure to post it on the street – the wind will partially help to get rid of the odor.