You will need
  • vacuum, sprays, aromatic, vinegar. water, citric acid, salt
The choice of way of eliminating the smell on the jacket depends primarily on the material from which made thing. Otherwise, the smell may go away, and things will stains or even holes. Therefore, carefully read on the label, what made your jacket. The next point is how long and how much the smell has infiltrated his clothes. If it is not chronic, then a simple ventilation of the jacket on the balcony will relieve you from unwanted flavor. But keep in mind that clothing should not fall to direct sunlight, so it does not fade. If after a few days the jacket all as "fragrant", then try to remove the smell of the following ways.
Ventilation can be replaced with a vacuum cleaner. Especially this method is effective for things that cannot be put in the washing machine (coats, fur coats). The fact that the smell give microparticles which are deposited on clothing, so a cleaner may help remove a variety of odors, in particular, tobacco.
Look in the sale of special sprays and means for removing odors from all types of fabrics, for example, the German means "Sagrotan". Then proceed according to the instructions.
You can remove odors any outerwear using the so-called aromatize. This can be a plate with coffee beans or mint. Place a saucer on the battery, and next hang-smelling jacket. Another option is to hang a jacket on a hanger, top wear a special garment bag, bottom substitute aromatic and close the bag. After the smell will go away, ventilate the jacket in the fresh air. Instead of mint or coffee, you can use potpourri, soap or purchase a sachet.
If the jacket is made of a fabric that can be soaked and washed, add water, diluted vinegar (about 1 tbsp per liter of water), citric acid (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water) or concentrated salt solution. These methods will help in the fight against the smell of fish and dampness.