You will need
  • - salt or talc;
  • soap;
  • - 2 towels;
  • - iron
  • - washing powder;
  • - stain;
  • - Fairy;
  • - alcohol. petrol, white spirit, acetone or kerosene;
  • - means for dry cleaning the car interior;
  • paste for cleaning hands from heavy dirt.
A fresh stain, pour salt or baby powder, gently RUB. Wait until the salt or talcum powder will absorb the oil. Shake them and pour a new layer. Repeat until until the oil is absorbed completely. Then wash the thing in hot soapy water.
Take 2 unwanted clean towels and a warm iron. Place stained fabric between towels and iron with a warm iron. The oil under the action of heat will soak into the towel. Then wash the fabric with a stain. Towels can be replaced with a thin absorbent paper or cloth.
Apply on the stain a paste of normal washing powder and leave for a few hours. Wash the thing in the usual way. Instead of detergent you can use stain remover and adds it in the wash. But before to apply it, check on an inconspicuous area of things that do not affect whether it is fabric colouring.
Also, the oil can be eliminated with liquid dishwashing Fairy. Apply it on the grease stain and then wash the thing detergent.
Apply a spot of paste for cleaning hands from heavy dirt, for example, "Mal'veks", or Solopol. They can be purchased in major stores of household chemicals and Internet-stores.
Machine oil soluble in organic solvents, so you can remove it with alcohol, gasoline, white spirit, acetone or kerosene. Put the fabric folded several times to the cloth so that it absorbs the dissolved oil, and wash the pollution from the periphery to the center. Before that, the same as in the case of a stain, check color fastness of fabrics in an inconspicuous place.
You can try to remove the stain with a means for professional cleaning of the interior of the car. They are sold in road markets and shops for motorists.