In life some Housewives prefer "grandma's methods", use of diesel fuel for getting rid of rust. But what to wash itself of diesel fuel? I'm sure many have been in the situation when diesel fuel got on clothing or shoes and the question arises how to clean it up. Wash the stains of diesel fuel from clothes is not too difficult, often you can do it at home. Try to soak the cloth with detergent for dishes.
Use the degreasers well-known manufacturers.
If you put a spot on the light fabric, it can be withdrawn by means of a solution of ammonia and water. The proportion should be 1:8.
To clean diesel fuel with a wool cloth will help gasoline, and with cotton – warm water and soap.
In some cases it helps to use ordinary washing powder.
If you have stained clothes from delicate fabrics, or just don't want to mess with the stain at home, you can contact the dry cleaners. You will be helped. Only in this case it is necessary to consider that the pre-stain does not output independently.
From shoes to wash away stains of diesel fuel is not recommended. Better dry the shoes and leave it on fresh air until the smell wears off.
With any other surface fuel is recommended to wash with gasoline or detergent for dishes, which is good removes fat.
The main problem of diesel smell. The stain is not too difficult, but the smell can only fight time and airing on the street, as diesel fuel is a substance which takes a long time to evaporate. Motorists that smell is not a hindrance, because the smell of diesel fuel and gasoline is the smell of the motorist. But Housewives is better to think about whether to get rid of the rust so "unpleasant-smelling" way.