All containers, which was attended by kerosene or that have a smell of kerosene, pour hot water with the dissolved mustard powder. Shake well the solution and let stand for about half an hour. Pour the solution and container rinse first with warm and then with cold water. The second option clean smell of detergent and other containers are somewhat more complicated. You'll need milk of lime. To prepare it, take 1 part lime and add 3 parts of water. Mix the solution. Pour over all the items, shake and leave for a few hours. Then pour the solution, pour a new one and again let stand 2-3 hours. The process can be accelerated if to add to the solution with shaking coarse sand. If the kerosene was spilled on the floor, fill this place wet sawdust (sawdust is even possible to change – in a couple of hours to remove the dirty and replace them with fresh), and then wipe it with detergent. Sawdust is very well absorb odors, so of kerosene to cope will help.
With fabrics, clothes, shoes, the smell of kerosene to remove much more difficult. The easiest, but longest way is to post (put) to the balcony and airing. The airing will take from several days to several weeks depending on the fabric and how heavily soiled clothes or shoes kerosene. Another way is to try to wash the smell. Wash clothing three times in the powder. Several times then rinse, rinse, make sure you add the conditioner for linen Lenor vypolaskivat – with the smell of kerosene that is cope best.
In order to wash his hands (and other body parts) from the smell of kerosene, prepare a mixture of mustard and wash it hands. Previously you can briefly just sprinkle hand dry mustard powder. After this carefully several times wash your hands with warm water and soap. If that doesn't work, you can use a more serious tool – special spray Nettoyant Mains, designed to cleanse hands from corrosive odors and dirt. Aerosol sold in any shop. Spray it comes in the form of foam, but it quickly turns into flakes. Lather gently RUB hands and between fingers, then wash your hands several times with warm water and soap.