You will need
  • Lemon juice, detergent, dishwashing detergent, vinegar.
First wash your item in the usual way. If odor still persists, then start to use the means at hand. Dissolve in water, the powder and add juice of lemons in the wash. Wash your product by hand. The lemon flavor needs to absorb the unpleasant smell of fish. If necessary, wash your item in the machine with the addition of air conditioning.
Well eliminates smell of fish a conventional dishwashing detergent with lemon fragrance. Wash the item by hand, using dishwashing detergent. In no case should not add to the washing machine means you wash the dishes. It produces a lot of foam, which can lead to equipment breakdown.
Wash your item on hand, using a conventional powder. During rinsing, add water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar. It neutralizes unpleasant odors. If none of the recipes did not help you, please contact the dry cleaning. Professional products for fabric care easily handle this problem.