Carefully wash clothes in cold water using a detergent for dishes. Then rinse and wring out linen. Pour in a basin of warm water and soak clothes overnight in a strong detergent concentrate with water. Better make use of popular tools that are well cleaned of fat the dishes, because and to eliminate the gasoline we need the same tools.
Morning again rinse the thing and wash it in the washing machine with any detergent. Do not use liquid cleaners, as they are not able to eliminate the smell of gasoline. Don't forget to add in the main compartment soda and salt 2 tbsp. l. don't be afraid - with your clothes nothing happens, they just better come out. In a special compartment add air conditioning.
After thorough washing, dry the product in the open air during the day. Light aroma of gasoline may stay, but it will disappear after repeated washing. Difficult to remove the smell with heavily saturated things, but if gasoline on the clothes were not very much smell you eliminate the first time. If all else fails, the only way out is for dry cleaning, but experts do not guarantee the complete elimination of odorand gasoline.