If any garment has been doused with diesel fuel, leaving a persistent odor, try the following. Soak the thing with soda ash for a few hours, then wash in the washing machine. The rinse should be applied 2-3 times with the use of the air conditioner with a pleasant aroma.
Another method of getting rid of the smell of diesel fuel is the use of mustard. Take dry mustard powder and add to water when washing things with the smell. In addition, mustard also get rid of the smell on the skin. If you got the diesel and the smell does not go away, thoroughly wash hands with water with the addition of mustard powder, and then use the usual soap. The smell will immediately disappear.
How to get the smell of diesel fuel, which is kept in the car is another question. In most cases, Laundry service is here to help can not, with the exception of the seat covers. In this situation, perform the following steps. The place where they were spilled diesel oil, sprinkle in the cleaning powder mixture and leave for a day. Be sure to open the car door to get some fresh air. The next day, thoroughly wash the interior using regular detergent.
In addition, in the fight against unpleasant odor of diesel fuel can help a vacuum cleaner. Only wash using a tool from the grease stains or genuine cleaner cars.
The seat can also be cleaned with special products. If you don't know what to use, or you will not be able to buy it, try any carpet cleaner – it works in almost all cases.
If all else fails, take your car to a car wash: there's skilled professionals will tell you how to cope with your problem you need to use and how much it might cost.
In the case of clothing contact cleaning: sure, they are repeatedly faced with similar questions and will help you to get the smell of diesel, leaving your item in one piece.