You will need
  • The package "MTS connect" (USB-modem and SIM-card MTS), the computer
Set the "MTS connect" you can buy in any salon of communication. In addition to the modem and SIM-card you will receive a booklet with instructions. To use the modem is very simple: insert the SIM card of MTS at the modem and connect the modem to the computer via USB. Software will be installed automatically and you will immediately be able to access the Internet.
When you purchase the package "MTS connect" you get 1 month of free unlimited Internet. At the end of this month you can choose one of the available unlimited data options. If you do not choose the rate by yourself, then by default you will connect the tariff option "Bezlimit-Super".
The rate of "Bezlimit-Super" the most expensive and is characterized in that the speed on it is limited only in case of exceeding traffic of 1000 MB per day. Then there is the tariff "Bezlimit-Maxi" at this rate, the speed is limited when exceeding the traffic volume of 500 MB per day. To connect the tariff option "Bezlimit-Maxi" dial on your phone *111*2188*1#. And finally, the third unlimited plan, available for users of "MTS connect" is "Bezlimit-Mini". This is the most inexpensive rate, speed on it is limited, if you exceed the amount of traffic of 250 MB/day. To mount it you need to dial the phone *111*2180*1#.