Any client of the company "MTS" may order the GPRS settings by visiting the official website of the operator. In a special section you need to specify your mobile phone number. Install the required settings and via phone call to a number 0876 (it's free), and also by sending SMS to short number 1234 (text not needed). Please note that after receiving the setting of their need to keep.
In addition, the operator "MTS" provides the service "Unlimited Internet". It operates on the basis of GPRS communications. Connecting it, you can go online from a mobile phone or use it as a modem. To activate the service, send free USSD command *510#. There is also the SMS center available in room 510. It is possible around the clock to send the message. It should contain a large or a small Latin letter A. the Company provides subscribers USSD-portal *111*404# and the "Internet Assistant". At any time client of the company can personally Contact the call centre or technical support Centre.
Another operator that also allows its subscribers to enable Internet connection based on GPRS - it is "Beeline". To get automatic settings, start typing USSD-request *110*181# and press the call key.
In the "MegaFon" phone setup is possible via a call to customer service, which is available at the number on 0500 or in person to the salon operator.