Read the instructions to the machine and find out whether your phone Internet connection via GPRS and WAP. Also, this information can be found on the website of the operator or manufacturer of the mobile device.
Insert the SIM card of MTS in the phone and turn it on. Usually the default should come SMS-the message with the required settings for the Internet. Save and apply them on your device. If the message does not come, configuration, and connection can be done manually.
Go to phone menu, go to Settings, select "Internet" and create a new access point. Specify the necessary settings. As the name of the profile, select the MTS WAP; home page should be; data bearer: GPRS; access point: or For ' IP Protocol, specify the value, and to port 8080 or 9201. The user name and password: mts. The values and names of various menu items, as well as the number of settings may vary depending on the specific phone model.
Select the type of Internet connection. Instead of GPRS if you want to connect via WI-FI (requires support for this feature phone), you need to go to the main menu of the device and select "Settings", then click "Wireless connection". Select "Search links" and wait while the device does not detect nearby access point WI-FI. Activate it and check the connection to the Internet.
Try to activate the Internet settings through your personal account on the website of MTS, having received the username and password. Go to "Internet assistant" and click "Services". Select and activate the appropriate service and rate for Internet access, then check the connection on your device.