You will need
  • • phone support GPRS/EDGE/3G;
  • • USB modem MTS;
  • • the coverage area of MTS.
Purchase in the salon MTS USB modem. Insert it into an available port on your computer. The necessary drivers will be installed automatically on your computer. Everything you need for the Internet connection settings are pre-installed in the firmware.
Select the preferred connection type. The choice should be made, focusing on the sustainability of range. To enable/disable the connection, use the appropriate button in the menu.
Connect your computer to your mobile phone in any convenient for you way: via data cable, Bluetooth or infrared. If necessary, install the drivers. Software should be supplied along with the phone at purchase.When connecting via data cable, in the phone menu select the mode (phone, access to Internet, etc. – the specific name depends on the model of your phone, it can be updated in the technical documentation).
Set up the modem. To do this go: start menu" - "control Panel" - "Phone and modem options". In the opened window select the tab "Modems". Find a connected modem in the list. Select it and click "Properties".If the modem is not displayed, check the connection from the phone. If nothing helps reinstall the drivers.
Select "Additional communication settings". In the "Additional initialization parameters, enter:AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
To save the settings, click "OK".
Create a new connection to the Internet. To do this in Windows 7 in control Panel, select match option in the menu of control Center networks and the General access.
Select the item "configure dial-in". In the menu that appears, click on your modem.
Fill in the fields in the opened window:
• Dialed number: *99#
• User name: mts
• Password: mts
The name of the connection the established connection can provide. Tick the relevant boxes also can supply on request. Click on the "Connect". The connection is ready.
Connect/disconnect an Internet connection via the menu on the taskbar. There you will be able to view the status of the connection and its properties.