If you are a subscriber of "MTS", then order the automatic setting, you can use directly to the official website of the operator. To do this, simply enter your mobile number in a separate field. The Internet connection on the phone also by calling to a short number 0876 (call-in) or sending an SMS without text to number 1234. Once you get the settings (or if you already have), save, then activate the desired profile in the settings of your mobile phone.
The communication operator "Beeline" to connect to the Internet (GPRS) you can, if you dial USSD-command *110*181# and press the call. To request settings from another kind of Internet connection (i.e. not via GPRS) use another USSD request *110*111#. After receiving the settings you must reboot your mobile phone (just turn it off then back on again). This is to ensure that automatic configuration is in force.
Subscribers of "MegaFon" to order the Internet settings will need to visit the official company website to find it on a special form and fill it out. As soon as you fill it, wait a couple minutes (during this time the operator will send to your phone settings). Save the profiles. With their help, by the way, you'll get not only the mobile Internet but also to send SMS messages, and much more. In addition to the website there is a free room 5049, which can be sent with the text message 1 or 2 (in that case, if you need WAP settings), or 3 (to get configuration MMC).
Besides, you can always come support subscribers (it is available on number 0500) or employees of salons of communication "MegaFon". If you contact support, simply name the model of your phone, and you will be sent the necessary settings.