For the restoration of the gastric mucosa used medicines that eliminate the factors causing the further development and exacerbation of gastritis. Also with the help of different medications to stimulate regenerative processes in the mucosa of the stomach.
Along with treatment patient is prescribed a diet that excludes fatty, spicy, salty and fried foods. Diet consult your doctor and depends on the type of gastritis and acidity of gastric juice. Also it is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol and Smoking.
Doctors may prescribe drugs that you should drink before a meal, they secrete hydrochloric acid and a substance pepsin. Some patients can enter the hydrochloric acid through the esophagus through a tube, thereby not damaging the enamel of the teeth.
Medicinal treatment should be carried out in parallel with the elimination of the causes that provoked the appearance of acute gastritis. For example, to reduce acidity in the stomach using drugs such as "Maalox" or "Almagel". They have a protective function. Antacids envelop the inner surface of the stomach, thus preventing the penetration of the acid.
There are hormones to restore the gastric mucosa. For example, "Cytotec reduces the secretion of hydrochloric acid thereby protecting the stomach. But this drug has contraindications. It cannot be used during pregnancy as it can induce premature labour.
There are also drugs that are aimed to protect the internal surface of the stomach. Such drugs include "Venter", "Pepto-Bismol". When ingested, they block the penetration of hydrochloric acid into the mucosa.
There are folk methods of dealing with gastritis and mucosa reconstruction: a decoction of the seeds of flax, potato juice, a collection of yarrow, St. John's wort, celandine and chamomile (in gastritis with high acidity), cabbage juice, infusion of parsley root, plantain juice (gastritis with low acidity).
But the main thing in treatment is complete rest, fresh air and eating small amounts.