A tablespoon of mint pour boiling water and leave for about half an hour. Mint has long been used by traditional healers for diarrhea and belching. Take a warm infusion in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink in small SIPS.
Collect partitions from three hundred grams of walnuts. Pour them a glass of alcohol and for three days let stand. Take ten drops of the tincture three times a day until the symptoms of the disorder. Take a small amount of water. Not recommended for children.
Clean the pomegranate from the skin. Take about five grams of rind, pour hundred milliliters of boiling water, leave for about 20 minutes, separate the broth through a sieve and drink a few SIPS three times a day. It turns out bitter but effective remedy.
Brew popularly of boiling water over four teaspoons of raspberry leaf, steep for half an hour. Take half a Cup four times a day. Raspberries also have a strengthening effect.
Use potassium permanganate. Drink a glass of light pink solution. Make sure that the solution was not undissolved crystals. It is enough for single use.
It is recommended children and adults take a decoction of rice. One teaspoon of rice boiled in half a liter of boiling water for forty minutes. Strain through a sieve and drink it warm two hours for two drinks.
Take the ashes of the burnt bark or charcoal lime one teaspoon before meals with water. The tool is well in the field.
Eat gentle on the stomach food for his speedy recovery. Recommended boiled rice porridge on the water, dry biscuits, crackers, cooked carrots, unsweetened tea. Exclude from the diet products that increase fermentation, milk.
Brew as a tea lilac flowers and drink before eating half a Cup.
Remember, if you don't help folk remedies and continue to be felt stomach pain, colic, you must consult a doctor. Waiting for the doctor put on the belly of a warm vinegar compress.