Advice 1: How do I know what exact driver for your graphics card

What happens is that you need to reinstall the system, which means that the drivers on all connected devices have to install too. In principle, in modern operating systems included support for most existing devices. But the fact is that all these pre-installed drivers are not the latest and do not have optimal settings. All experienced users are recommended to download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. This is especially true for video cards. All modern games are played much more colorful with the latest features drivers.
How do I know what exact driver for your graphics card
In order to reinstall the drivers, you need to know what video card is installed on your computer. To do this, do the following: in the start menu, select Run, and type dxdiag.
In the window that appears go to the tab "Display". In this window you can see information about the video card, namely its name and manufacturer. If you have no drivers installed, it will be written N/A or N/D, then you will need to look for information in your computer documentation.
On this same tab you will have the information about the devices. Usually, a new version is released every one or two months. So if your driver is more than two months, then you need to update it.
Useful advice
You can download drivers from the manufacturer website of the graphics card. They're laid out in free access for download. Usually you only run .exe file, and all the rest of the operating system will do. If after installing the new drivers in the video card began to show some glitches, it is best to return the older version of the drivers. The operating system has the service "system Restore".

Advice 2: How to know the name of the video card

In the gaming and professional computers video card has an important place. Lovers of computer games and video choose the video card carefully before purchase. To know the name of the video card without disassembling the computer, is also possible.
How to know the name of the video card
Of course, it can be done if you have not preserved or simply don't have the instructions, or you bought a used computer. To know the name of the manufacturer and model of video card is easy. To do this, click "start" on the desktop, select "All programs", then folder "Standard". In this folder you will see the label "Run" ("Run"). This shortcut can be invoked in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by going to "start" and typing in the word "Run" (without the quotes) at the bottom of the string to search for programs and files.
Click on the label "Run" and in the line that appears type "dxdiag" (without the quotes), then click "OK". You will see a diagnostics computer, which is called DirectX. It contains information about manufacturers of physical security of the computer is called "hardware". This includes the video card. Go to the display tab and make sure that.
The main elements of the tab "Screen" section "Device":
Name - the full name of the graphics card, including the model and its number;

Manufacturer - Corporation, a manufacturer of graphics cards under their own label;

Type of chips - graphics processor which uses the graphics card.
Useful advice
The DirectX diagnostic tool also provides information about the total video card memory, screen mode, connected the monitor, drivers, and capabilities of the graphics card.

Advice 3: How to find video card driver

After reinstalling the operating system, users are faced with the problem of incorrect performance of the computer. The system may not produce the correct screen resolution and incorrect display colors. This happens due to the lack of current version of video driver.
How to find video card driver
To display adapter (video card) to work correctly, it is important to install this version of driver, which would suit not only to the graphics card, but the operating system and its architecture.
To find the video card driver, open "device Manager" and under "display Adapters" to view the properties of the driver. To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and selecting "device Manager", under "display Adapters".
Clicking on it, right click, open "Properties".
Now in the tab "Driver" you can find out the version of an installed video card driver.
Useful advice
To get to device Manager through start - control Panel - System - device Manager.

Advice 4: How to find out the manufacturer of your video card

Video card is the device used to display the results of operation of the system unit. For it to work properly you need to install a driver is a small utility that helps the system to control the device. To find a driver for the video card, you need to know its manufacturer and model.
How to find out the manufacturer of your video card
Disconnect the computer from the power supply. Disconnect the interface cable from the monitor connector of the graphics card. Remove the side panel of the system unit by unscrewing the fastening screws. If you have an external video card, remove it from the slot akruti screw and squeeze the plastic clips that fix it. Usually on the video card write the model and name of manufacturer.
If the graphics card is integrated, look for the motherboard model name. Replace side panel and turn on the computer. After booting the system go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and look features integrated video card.
To learn the manufacturer can be another way. Right-click on the icon "My computer" and select "Properties". In the properties window go to the tab "Hardware" and click "device Manager". The device model which the system has not determined are marked with yellow question marks. Right-click the video card icon and choose from the drop-down menu "Properties". Go to the properties window on the tab "Information". In the window of the list of properties will appear the item "device instance ID" and in the lower window code, like this:

To obtain information about the model and the manufacturer, note the two code snippets:

- VEN (vendor) vendor, next four digits – code of the manufacturer;
- DEV (device) device numbers – code device.
Go to the website and enter in the field “searchvendor” manufacturer code. In this example it is 1002. After searching, the program gives the result: ATI Technologies Inc. / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
If you need to know the adapter model, click the name of the manufacturer and enter in the field “searchdevice” device code, in this case, 9611. The result of this search: ATI RADEON 3100 Graphics
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