Advice 1: How do I know what exact driver for your graphics card

What happens is that you need to reinstall the system, which means that the drivers on all connected devices have to install too. In principle, in modern operating systems included support for most existing devices. But the fact is that all these pre-installed drivers are not the latest and do not have optimal settings. All experienced users are recommended to download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. This is especially true for video cards. All modern games are played much more colorful with the latest features drivers.
How do I know what exact driver for your graphics card
In order to reinstall the drivers, you need to know what video card is installed on your computer. To do this, do the following: in the start menu, select Run, and type dxdiag.
In the window that appears go to the tab "Display". In this window you can see information about the video card, namely its name and manufacturer. If you have no drivers installed, it will be written N/A or N/D, then you will need to look for information in your computer documentation.
On this same tab you will have the information about the devices. Usually, a new version is released every one or two months. So if your driver is more than two months, then you need to update it.
Useful advice
You can download drivers from the manufacturer website of the graphics card. They're laid out in free access for download. Usually you only run .exe file, and all the rest of the operating system will do. If after installing the new drivers in the video card began to show some glitches, it is best to return the older version of the drivers. The operating system has the service "system Restore".

Advice 2 : How to determine which driver is needed for the graphics card

After installing the operating system, you need to install large amount of software, e.g. drivers for different devices, codecs, application utilities, etc. Most of the above can be found on the official websites on the Internet.
How to determine which driver is needed for the graphics card
You will need
  • A computer with Internet connection.
If you are going to reinstall the operating system, it is recommended to prepare in advance the drivers for all devices. This can be done using the program Driver Genius. It allows not only to search for drivers on the Internet, but also create a backup of the current system.
In the absence of the original disk with drivers, it is first necessary to calculate the name of the manufacturer and model of your video card. The easiest way to find and review the printout with the configuration of the computer which you received at purchase. Also you can find boxes from your computer, one of which will be specified in the model card.
If you want to know the model of the video card software, run the applet "DirectX diagnostic Tool". To do this, click "start" and select "Run". In the blank field type dxdiag (abbreviated name of the applet) and then click Enter or "OK".
In the opened window go to tab "Display". In the "Device" will display detailed information about the card installed, and in the "Drivers" — the version of the installed software. If the string "Manufacturer" will be the value "N/a" device not defined or not detected (integrated graphics card). To determine the model of the card you can use software Everest Ultimate Edition or SiSoftware Sandra.
Then you need to go to developer website: Nvidia and for ATI Select the model, OS version and click "Download" (Download). After loading the video driver, perform the installation by double-clicking the executable file.
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