Prepare a special little balls of cake plants. To do this, peel vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cabbage and squeeze out the juice. The cake roll in small balls and store in the refrigerator no more than 2 weeks.
Should take them three times a day a tablespoon, about 20 minutes before a meal. Swallow them without chewing. Treatment takes a long time, but will help to restore normal stomach function. Helps the cake from carrots to those who constantly experience heartburn. The juice obtained from vegetables, slightly sunflower and drink before bedtime.
Buy 3 litres of milk whey, and add a glass of dry celandine herbs and a Cup of sugar. The grass should be placed in a small gauze bag and just put it in a jar of serum. Tie a jar with gauze on top and leave in a warm, dark place. Take about 2 weeks at half Cup three times a day between meals. Helps to restore the mucous membrane of the stomach.
The restoration of normal functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract will not happen if you start to monitor their diet. For a start unload your stomach. For 3 days do not eat flour products, dairy and meat. Do not also is pickles and sweets. Avoid any dietary supplements and seasonings. Not recommended during those three days to drink coffee and tea.
For eating there's not a few products, as it may seem. Allowed are fruits and vegetables like zucchini, beets, apples, celery, artichokes, grapefruit, kiwi, parsnips, and green onions. And many other raw vegetables and fruits. All of them are useful, as they contain large amount of minerals and vitamins needed to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Such abstinence of heavy products should be carried out approximately once a month. Not such a big sacrifice to have normal digestion.