The appearance of ulcers

In most cases the ulcer appears as a result of injury to the stomach or damage under the influence of various factors. The disease is chronic and can occur with exacerbations, which are characterized by a pronounced pain symptom. After proper treatment, the wound is gradually closed, leading to the exclusion of pain and other symptoms. Among the main causes of the disease note the impact of such factors as excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, disruptions in the power mode, gastritis and susceptibility to stress. A major role in the formation of ulcers plays and heredity. Appearing pain with stomach ulcer are increasing in 30-60 minutes, and then begin to subside. Also pain occur after 1.5-2 hours after a meal. You may also experience hunger pains and stomach pain at night.


Partial neutralization of the pain may occur after ingestion of a glass of warm milk. Quickly relieve pain can antacids (for example, "Almagell" or "Maalox").

In the treatment of ulcers the aim is to reduce the amount of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice, which will have a positive impact on the condition and will help to reduce the intensity of the syndrome. Among drugs that can also ease the pain, note inhibitors ("Pantoprazole", "Omeprazole"), H2-blockers (Ranitidine"). After appearance of discomfort, you should take medicines that protect the stomach lining (e.g., "De-Nol" or "Venter").

To avoid repeated pain episodes should follow created by your doctor diet. The meal must occur in small portions 5-6 times a day. During exacerbation of ulcer, prohibited the intake of alcohol, brown bread, fatty foods, pickles, variety soups, meats, strong tea, canned food, and soda. These products irritate the stomach, which can lead to pain.

For relieving symptoms of abdominal pain should not take drugs such as "Aspirin, "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", etc. the Medication may cause serious inflammation in the stomach, thereby not only weakening, but increasing pain. A neutral impact on the character of the pain may have a "Paracetamol", which should be taken, if necessary, the treatment of other diseases. You should also contact your doctor for advice about the treatment of ulcers and the possibility of easing other symptoms of the disease.