Compliance with the requirements. You need to collect all documents: medical certificate, certificate of no criminal record and mental illness, copy of passport. To get a job in the Prosecutor's office without higher education you are unlikely. Furthermore, it is desirable to obtain education in a good University. Preference is given to graduates with the appropriate profile. If we are talking about the military Prosecutor's office, the mandatory requirement is service in the army or the military Department. For successful work in the Prosecutor's office need a deep knowledge in the field of criminal law, criminal process, criminalistics. Not to do without such personal qualities as responsibility, honesty, self-discipline.
Interview. If you decided that the work of the Prosecutor's office is for you, please contact the personnel Department of the Department to which you want to get. Prepare to pass the interview, most questions will involve knowledge of the Criminal Code. Another test - psychological tests. Candidates that successfully passed the interview and tests take in reserve until a place becomes available.
Work in the Prosecutor's office in the role of the voluntary assistant. Be prepared for the fact that the waiting list you are the only bidder, and wait for the coveted places may have a very long time. To earn for themselves a certain advantage can be sitting in the Prosecutor's office volunteer assistant. This work is not paid and involves daily employment, but you will be able to gain invaluable experience and see the work of the Prosecutor's office from the inside. After some time, having achieved at least small success, you can ask your Manager of a written petition for you with the purpose of adoption in the state.