You will need
  • - summary
  • - Internet
To be in the personnel reservee of some large company - it means to bring yourself a few steps to new career achievements. Professionals recruiting confident even if you are completely satisfied with your current position, you can still be in a conditional search is more prestigious and advantageous places. For starters, thorough monitoring of companies in which you would like to work. Make a solid sample, using any electronic directory, business almanac or the yellow pages of your city.Inquire about the most attractive from the point of view of potential work companies. Use the Internet publications as well as thematic forums (sites about work and life in your city.) So you can get an objective view of the internal environment of the chosen company. Make a list of the companies, of potential positions in them, and list your key insights and notes.
Make a basic summary, putting all your professional achievements, experience and personal qualities. Attach high-quality black-and-white photo. Next you need to send a resume according to a previously compiled list. But for this you need to slightly modify the information found on it. For example, if you education in marketing, could work as brand Manager, and advertiser, and PR Manager. Depending on the selected jobs in a resume, make emphasis on those professional skills that are necessary for the job. Do not overload the document with too much information. Send resume by email putting in the subject "personnel reserve".The day after sending resume, call the HR Department of the company to determine whether your e-mail. It is possible, you will be invited for an interview to make you a more complete picture. For the interview you need to prepare in advance clear answers to questions about the level of desired salary and why you are even looking for a new job.
The next call to the HR Department of the enterprise should be only a few months. Perhaps this time there will be new jobs, but your resume will be lost or replaced worker human resources informed. If necessary, repeat the reference summary.
Sometimes the personnel reserve is formed and within the company where you already work. In this case, he has a whole different meaning. The company management creates such a reserve, if you plan to expand or introduce new positions. Because you in this organization already know, the summary is not required. However, you will be asked to fill additional forms and to pass the tests. If you will learn about the formation of personnel reserveand independently, take the initiative and suggest a candidate. To do this, make a document for guidance, which will reflect their vision of their own development within the company, and the new functionality you are willing to take.