You will need
  • - pen,
  • - a sheet of paper,
  • - computer,
  • printer
  • - Internet access, if a complaint is sent over the Internet
Like most official documents, the complaint in the Prosecutor's office has a section called "cap". At the top of the sheet in the right corner is written, to whom the complaint is addressed (in the name of the Prosecutor, in this case, indicate the position name, initials and rank, or just in the Prosecutor's office, then spell her name).
Next come details about the Complainant: surname, name and patronymic, registration address and actual residence (if not the same), telephones for communication.
The second part should be entitled "COMPLAINT (with new line) of misconduct...(indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the offender, position, organization name or other information" or "CRIME report" - depends on what it is about.
Here you describe the circumstances of the incident: what action is considered illegal, cite the provisions of the act (article, paragraph, part, title of the legislation) than they can prove a violation of who can corroborate your story (with names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses).
Having set out all material information, go to what you ask for. For example: "Based on the foregoing and guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, ASKED:"
Next in order list the measures which, in your opinion, should be taken: conduct the test you set out the facts and take action depending on the results and which area of law applies to the violation about which you are reporting: to initiate a criminal case or to make a representation to eliminate violations.
If you are submitting a complaint on paper don't forget to sign under it. When sending it via the online form complaints at the Prosecutor's office is not required.
If you attach to the complaint documents and other evidence (e.g., audio recording of the conversation on tape or digital media), list them in the text of the complaint (the"attached To the complaint:..."). The list is in a column, assigning each item number.
For paper documents, indicate the number of sheets, tapes or discs - a serial number or other identifier available.
Paper documents attach to the complaint a stapler or other means.
Send a complaint to the Prosecutor's office , you can three ways: by mail, include in person or via the online appeals form on the official website of the Prosecutor's office. In the latter case, you can attach the shape files: scans documents, audio files, etc., Indicate in the list of attached documents file names, number of pages, etc. relevant information.
By mail the complaint is better to send by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and list of enclosures.
For a personal visit, make a photocopy of your complaint and all attached documents. They will make a mark of acceptance.
To inform about the measures you have in a month.