Patriotism is one of the main reasons why people want to work for the good of the state. To help citizens to defend their country - this romantic, noble goal moving them. Belonging to the government, gives employees a feeling of power and self-importance, this factor significantly enhances self-esteem.
Many people fear that the notorious FSB, Federal drug control service or even any government at any time can come to their house and accuse them of anything. Therefore, working in the organs themselves, they are automatically excluded from the list of those that can so easily break.
The small post gives you the best experience. Even working as a janitor at FSB, you can get useful links, which always will be useful in life: to help his son escape justice, to put pressure on someone to open a business, with the help of these relations, and so on.
Work in government agencies involves getting a large number of social benefits and bonuses. The abundance of government programs to improve housing conditions, free travel once a year throughout the country and more are doing in the Ministry so attractive to the public.
The majority of employees of state agencies do not go to metro or cars produced in the CIS. It is also a sign of elitism, of entitlement, which appeared in 90-ies. Getting into the elite – a pleasure, increases self-esteem and the opinions of others.
The people around think working in bodies – it is prestigious, difficult and romantic. Strongly contribute to this mass media, television, to learn about the valor and honor employees. By the way, this is the main reason for the majority of young people eager to work in the government, and all previous is a nice addition.