The benefits of working in state structures

The concept of "public service" includes three types – military, law enforcement and civilian. The most popular is civil service - today attracts many who want to devote myself to her. Reasons why this happens, how. The main, perhaps, the stability, which can not boast of any one place of business, even the most successful to date. This applies not only to the fact that your workplace will not be reduced, but timely salaries, including numerous allowances and bonuses in the amount they can be several times greater than the established salary.

Public servants, like any other, protected and in the social plan – paid vacation and sick leave they are guaranteed. Vacation, in addition, is not 28 working days, as most workers, and one and a half times more. In addition, state enterprises provide employees with social package and guarantees the provision of benefits.
To work in government agencies, you must meet certain requirements for education, skills and experience.

Equally important is the prestige of the civil service. The higher the status of a state enterprise, the higher the status of its employees, but even in the field, the managers and employees of these companies acquire numerous useful links, because I have the opportunity to influence the activities of many businesses. The advantage is the possibility of career advancement.

Cons of working for the government

Despite these major advantages, often in the media you can see the announcement of vacancies in state structures. Staff turnover in many of them is also high. This is explained by the large amounts of paperwork, which can handle. Specialists engaged in the preparation of financial statements, forecasts, work with emails and calls. Not every ambitious person who have marketable skills, can withstand such routine work, and doing it all – from line staff to Department heads.
Unlike commercial structures, specialists in government agencies special benefits do not bring, therefore, to move up the career ladder often enough to be loyal to the leadership.

In addition, in fact, violations of the Labor code are practiced in public organizations often. The user has the right to declare rush jobs and require processing that no one is going to consider. Personal plans of the employees don't really care about the leaders, employees are not protected from arbitrariness of leadership because they are afraid of losing the place. The longer the person works, the higher his additional payments, and the more he values his work space.