Take notice letterhead of your organization, stating the full name and details. If this Blanca is not, make a letter on a standard sheet of A4 paper, initiating the correspondence with the initial details of the parties in the upper right part. Here, you specify the name of the debtor, its address, position, name and initials of the head of the format. Here, similarly to the write place your own details.
As the letter is, in fact, a reminder of the debt, name the document "Notice" by placing its name in the center of the sheet. Start the main part with a reminder about the conditions of the broken agreement. Give the contract number and the date of its conclusion. Inform about individual items that were not executed by the debtor in full. Offer to pay has developed over this time the amount of debt in figures and in words and state the time period to fulfill your requirements.
In the final part of the appeal remind about penalties and refer to the clauses in which they are specified. Of course, if these items were included and the agreement was signed by all the rules. In any case, at the end of treatment inform about your intentions to refer the case to the trial court for further proceedings. To sign the letter of notification should the head of your organization. At the same time, do not forget to specify the post and the signature (name) in parentheses.