Decide on the form of delivery letter, as this will depend on its design. If you are interested in the issue can be easily solved by return explanation of the tax service, then select the e-letter shape. To fill it click one of the links listed at the end of the article, depending on whose interests you are protecting. That is, if you are a taxpayer as an individual or as a representative of the organization, SP (legal entity). To address serious issues, implying a possible appeal for further proceedings (or to a higher judicial instance) when you want to keep a copy of the letter and proof of sending it, you will need to send a letter using postal service with return receipt requested.
Now make a text treatment. Such letter shall be arranged in business style, except for emotional expression about the critical issue. For option e-mail, start by contacting your head on the word "Dear." His name and patronymic is possible to learn as well as address inspection using the search on the site FNS of Russia. Describe the problem and circumstances related to its occurrence. After that, list your requirements, but in a respectful manner, starting this part of the letter the word "Please". Sign the letter and date of its publication. For written requests, via postal mail, start making the letters specify the initial details of the addressee and sender (with the obligatory message of the home address, full name and contact telephone number of the taxpayer). Place them in the upper right corner of the sheet according to the rules of document management. Further, the content of the letter will not be different from the version for email, but here don't forget to put the personal signature of the sender and the transcript in brackets (name).
For individuals in treatment on domiciliary extremely simplified, thanks to a new service offered by the internal revenue service. It's "taxpayer's Personal account", located at Here you can learn the debt for taxes and to contact the tax office just by filling in the form email message that is automatically diverted to the required inspection.
To send a letter in electronic form, with a choice of sender (individual or legal entity) you can use a special service of the website of the Federal tax service, located at