For starters, find out from your Bank if they have a ready sample application. This can be done either by phone of the hot line, which is in every financial institution, and personally visiting any branch of your financial institution. Alternatively, you can use the feedback form on the website of the Bank. Just fill in the required fields (name, surname, email, sometimes phone number) and ask your question in the specific field. You will answer.
If the application form is for contacting the Bank in your servicing financial institution approved the problem on this end. Just fill in all the required positions.
When the Bank is not provided for the sample application, write it in any form. Issued such a statement, as any other. Top in the corner there is a "cap" with the indication of the person and his position through which you want to apply to the Bank as a whole. This is usually a branch Manager. His name can be found directly in the Bank. Next, specify who is served this paper. To answer did you more quickly after their own first and last name, write your phone number and email address.
Proceed to the description of your request, claim or demand. Pay attention to the enumeration of certain facts on which you want to focus. If you can list the time frame and its ability to remedy the situation. When you make a claim with the Bank, indicate in what period of time would like to have a response to his statement. In the case when you ask the Bank for a deferment, for example, under the credit agreement, write how you plan to pay off the Bank to resolve the difficulties. A big plus for you if you can refer to a particular article in the law.
Be sure to put the date and sign your statement. Experts recommend to make it in 2 copies. One of them you leave for consideration in the Bank, another will take. Insist that both of these instance was registered with the financial institution. The statement can be attributed personally to send with the courier who will wait for viewing documents and will bring you back your copy. Can send your application by registered mail with notification. So you can obtain the date stamp and time of receipt of the shipment by the addressee. All these documents will help you in case if you sue the Bank.
If in their abilities, legal training, you are not too sure, contact a specialist. It will help to make you correct a document that the Bank will not dare to ignore.