Execute letter of claim of accounts receivable according to certain accepted rules. They are never fixed and are not installed, but are requirements of business etiquette and business interests. Use when composing a simple, concise business writing style. You cannot use an emotional phrase.
The essence of the present polite and respectful. This is due to the fact that the debt to you and the company could occur as a result of temporary difficulties that will soon be resolved, and you'll continue successful cooperation. Thus, it is not necessary to recklessly spoil relations with business partners. The letter must be submitted on the official letterhead of the company. Top left, the surname, name, patronymic in the genitive of the head and the name of the debtor.
Provide all of your requirements, namely: the amount that must be repaid, and the terms of repayment. Mark, what consequences await the debtor, if he continues to shirk its responsibilities. The data points can be specified in the agreement concluded by your company. Calculate the fines, penalties, and other things that the debtor is obliged to pay.
Refer to the provisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, which are associated with abnormalities in the payment and accrual of interest for using other people's money. For example, you can specify article 190, article 192 and article 614 of the RF Civil code, if the receivables were for rent.
Attach a calculation of receivables for delivered goods or rendered services. Sign both documents signature and seal of the head of the organization. Make sure to put the letter reference number and the date of preparation. One copy of the claim remains deposited in the outgoing correspondence, and second, you must send a registered letter with the investment inventory of the organization-debtor.