You will need
  • Passport data of the borrower and the lender
  • A sheet of paper
  • Handle
Make debt receipt in the simple written form personally on a standard sheet of white paper. There is no strictly prescribed form for such a document. And yet its design must obey the rules of drawing up business documents and contain some of the required positions. Write legibly and neatly, so you will be able to confirm your lender honesty of your intentions, given the fact that the document will be a kind of guarantee of repayment.
Start making notes from the title of the document "IOU", placing it in the center of the sheet. Directly beneath specify a location making receipts and the date of the transaction. In the main part of receipts you have to provide your own name, name, patronymic (in full), passport details and place of residence. The same amount should be specified and details of the lender. There will need to comply with a commitment, starting with "I, ... (name of borrower) has received from ... (name of creditor) a sum of money ...". The loan amount write the first numbers indicating currency, and then decode it in words in brackets.
Write the exact date of refund of the cash amount and the period for which it is provided at your disposal. Here you can specify percentages for use of loan (if discussed) payable under the agreement. Sign the receipt and give it for signature by the lender.