Call the Bank and find out if they have forms for writing a letter with a motivated request on the possibility of changes in credit conditions. If your Bank has such forms, then you need to take and fill out. To do so, select the number of the credit agreement, specify its name and enter the Bank name in the top field of the document ("hat"). Next, select two choices of motivation: the reduction or dismissal of, or deterioration of the financial position or reduction of income.
Write yourself a letter about the postponement of the payment. This is necessary if your Bank has no appropriate forms. This letter should be made to the Chairman of the Board of the Bank. That is, the "hat" document write "to whom the Chairman of the Board". Next, specify the Bank name, and the name of the chair.
Indicate below from whom written the letter. For example: "from whom Mary Alexeevna Ivanova". As a rule, the letter itself may be written in free form. Therefore, I can write in this way: "I, Maria A. Ivanova, am a customer of your Bank (check here what time you are already a customer of the Bank). On the basis of the credit agreement (specify the number of your contract on the loan), I ask you (here enter the name of the Chairman of the Bank) to provide me with a deferment of payment for (indicate for what period of time you would like to get a deferral). Due to the fact that". Then write what was the reason you suddenly need a delay, i.e. why you are able to pay for the loan.
Please note that in the letter about the postponement of the payment should contain only real data. Therefore, write as is actually. For example, if you need to defer payment because of the delay of salaries, lack of permanent job, then write.
Signature, transcript of signature and the date of preparation of this document.
Take the finished letter to the Bank and, necessarily, endorse his appointment with the administrator or the Secretary.