You will need
  • the legislation of the Russian Federation, of evidence of debt
In the beginning of this document, indicate in whose name write down the claim on the debt. If your debtor is an individual entrepreneur, then specify its surname, a name, a patronymic. If the claim is directed at the organization, write to the Director or CEO indicating the company name.
Below, write your name, surname, patronymic, address and telephone number. If you are a representative of a firm that was a creditor of the debtor, specify your job title and company name with legal form.
Below, in the middle of the sheet, write the word "Claim".
Accurately present their claims against the debtor. Here must be specified the exact amount of the debt and provided a reasonable calculation. Also describe any circumstances under which claims are made. Arguments state the evidence that will back you up, preferably with reference to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Write the points for a list of all documents that will be attached to the claim. Also write a list of other evidence that may be missing from the debtor.
After the presentation of all claims and of facts, put the date of writing of the claim and its signature with decryption. If the claim is made on behalf of the company, stamp of the organization.
Attach to the claim all documents that are relevant to the present case: the agreement, acceptance certificate, invoice, receipt, etc.
Make a claim in two copies. One copy shall be given to the debtor, and on the second he must put the date and his signature as proof that he received this document.
If the debtor refuses to put his signature on your copy, then send him a claim on registered mail.