Such a letter may need to write as an organization for the prevention of litigation due to violations of the schedule of payments, or individual for the purpose of going to the Bank with a request to restructure the system of payments on the loan. In any case, the form of the letter will be about the same.
In your organization, use for typing form your company with filled in details, it will save you from having to type them manually. Start writing your letter with details of the recipient in the upper right corner of the sheet in accordance with generally accepted rules of registration of business documents. Here, specify the name of the company. Next format the to write to the chief officer, his surname, name and patronymic. In addition, in the introductory part specify the outgoing number of the document and the date of its publication.
At the beginning of the substantive part of the letter necessarily specify the details of the contract (number, date of conclusion) and name the parties to the agreement. Next, list the payment obligations that can not be performed in accordance with the terms of the contract. Describe the situation and ask to defer payment. Here you can specify the conditions under which you are asking for a reprieve. This can be a request not to apply penalties, or on the contrary - consent to payment of interest.
In conclusion, write a period in which you undertake to make full payment. Sign the letter and decipher the signature in parentheses. For organizations to prepare a place for signatures, authorized to sign financial documents of the persons (Manager, chief accountant).