Start the letter by addressing the person presenting the customer's organization. In this piece of writing relevant are the speed of politeness like "Dear Ivan Andreevich", "Mr. Remizov". If the customer is not a specific person with which it has relationships, please see "Dear Sirs".
Introduce yourself, specify the name of your organization. Use standard expressions, e.g., "company "Montazhspetsstroy" expresses You the respect and wishes prosperity to Your organization." This will allow you to target your customer by reading the main text it will not break the head, who is the sender of the letter.
Specify what was the reason for the letter. Depends on the form of writing and the content of the message. The most common reason for writing letters to the customer is non payment of goods delivered or services rendered. In this case, refer to the appropriate paragraph of the contract, specify that in the customer responsibilities includes the payment in a specific time frame. If this is not your first letter on this subject, appeal to customer for failure to fulfill obligations prescribed in paragraph X of the contract delivery. Please note that in the case of unpaid accounts you will be forced to go to court.
Apologize to the customer if the reason of writing the letter was the inability to deliver the goods to the agreed contract terms. Do not try to explain the reasons why you disrupted delivery dates, the customer is not interested, it is better to inform him about the amount of time your organization will be able to fulfill the obligations under the contract. At the end of the letter use the phrase "Thank you for understanding", "we Hope for further cooperation".
Inform the customer about a new product line offered by your company, if your partner does not know about modified range. In this letter it is desirable to specify, what kind of discount a customer will get when making a new supply contract as a regular customer.
Sign up at the end of the letter. Leave your contact details so that the customer knows how to communicate with your organization. Wish all the best of the organization and the person submitting it.