Following trauma to the toe it is necessary to define a fracture or just a sprain. Fractured is extreme pain while movement bruised finger, and violation of motor function of the limb. It may be accompanied by edema and hemorrhage under the skin or nail of the finger.
Obvious signs are unnatural finger position, the crunch of bone fragments with pressure, and abnormal mobility.
Relative characteristics in varying degrees, expressed almost always, but depending on the localization of fracture, their intensity can differ significantly. There are cases when the pain syndrome is expressed is so weak that the victim did not even know about the existence of bone fracture. And only after some time (sometimes very long) increasing pain forced him to seek help from a doctor.
A fracture of the big toe has its own characteristics. As this finger is bigger than the other, consists of only two phalanges, and not three, like all others, and also tests the main load when walking, his fracture is almost always accompanied by sharp pain and swelling spreading to neighboring fingers, and sometimes the entire foot.
The diagnosis of a fracture of the toe is based on history, that is, through questioning of the patient and the comparison of the signs. After that, the doctor will establish the relative and absolute signs of. To confirm the diagnosis, the patient will be assigned to radiographic examination. During the adoption of the fracture will be assigned to treatment, which depends on the location and extent of damage.
At the first symptoms of a fracture immediately contact the doctor-traumatologist. Do not self-medicate, because the diagnosis can be put only by the doctor.