Find out whether the victim feels the pain. In dislocation of relevant experience will be, and in strong enough form.
Let's see whether the deformed joint. To do this, compare it with a similar one, for example when looking at damaged and undamaged elbow will be clear to you whether a hip replacement.
If, after the injury took a certain amount of time, let's see if it swells the place of dislocation. Similar symptom can be observed at the fracture, but the swelling will be localized differently - not in the joint, and bone injury.
In dislocation of limbs compare to one another. For example, if we are talking about damage to the knee, you will notice a shortening of the damaged leg.
Check whether the person moving the damaged part of the hands or feet. When the dislocation is impossible due to severe pain and displacement of the bone. Sometimes this shift can be seen, as the edge will be under the skin.
If you suspect a dislocated shoulder, check the pulse of the victim on the hand. It will be either rapid or slow, and difficult to define. Also with this type of injury can lose sensitivity in the fingers and lower part of the arm. It becomes a result of circulatory disorders in the limbs.
If you all the symptoms of identified the presence of a dislocation, not upravlyayte it yourself. Contact the doctor-traumatologist. He'll get x-rays damaged body parts and be able to give a precise conclusion about the nature of the injury. After that, the dislocation can be reduced, then a plaster or tight bandage.