The first option. Legitimate, but not absolutely free. WAP Internet is expensive and non-shared, moreover, that version for it is not at all sites. You probably wonder what "eat" this amount of traffic. Of course this picture.

For carrying out this method need the phone to support Java and GPRS free Opera Mini browser.
To install the program on your phone is very easy. You just pumped it through the WAP or PC. She will clean the page of all unnecessary banners, flash drives, etc. So, simply turning off is almost zero settle accounts over the Internet. But it is quite free, he still will not.
A variant of the second. Simple, easy, free, completely legal. Almost all public places: cafes, bars, Lounges in train stations and airports are full of signs "free Wi-Fi"
And it's simple: go to the main menu of your phone, connect wifi, search for connections, choose the right. Now just use the Internet through the browser that you have installed.
The third option, legitimate it is difficult to call. The Internet is full of all sorts of suggestions of programs that promise you free Internet. Of course, the fun is worth the money and not always small. In addition, you understand that in this case the Internet you will steal, and this is punishable.

But in this situation only you can decide. Good luck in the search!