In order to use free Internetom you can use the stock providers. Some service providers in the Internet do the first thirty or forty seconds free for the user. Addresses, logins and passwords of these companies can be found in free access. It turns out that for two seconds before the end of the "free space" you need to break the connection. You can focus on the eye and special software, which breaks the link on the last second and then restores it again.
In case that your computer has a wifi card or wifi adapter, you can use this in order to find available network is not password protected, in your house. Connect and enjoy free Internetom.
Also, you can use the above method in order to join the network Internet in public areas. Many cafes, bars and shopping malls just have a network the Internet. In order to connect to it, you just need to have a wi-fi card or wi-fi adapter. If the network is closed, check with the staff - most likely, you just have to ask that you have provided a username and password.