To connect your laptop to free wireless Internet you should make sure that the Wi-Fi module is enabled. In most laptops the Wi-Fi module is activated when you turn on the computer, and on the body indicator light comes on. If Wi-Fi is disabled, enable it by using a separate button or lever with the appropriate designation.
Making sure Wi-Fi is active, click in the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen for the wireless icon. In the list of available networks click on the title that has the word Free or next to which there is no icon of a padlock. If the network is free and publicly available, it will connect. If the connection is successful, in the right corner of the screen will appear informing you that you have connected to the wireless network. You can now use the Internet.
To connect to the wireless Internet , the smartphone must run an Internet browser. Before running connect to the Internet, smartphone will notify you that a wireless network is available and will offer to connect to it. Select free network, and the smartphone will connect. Most smartphones retain in memory a list of networks to which it was already connected, and the next to them use, connects to these networks automatically.