Setting GPRS starts with two services provided by mobile operators: GPRS-Wap and GPRS-Internet. The main difference is that GPRS is a Wap required for Wap sites and when connect normal sites you will be unavailable, and when connected to the service GPRS-Internet, you will be able to use the Internet from your mobile phone.
Before you configure the GPRS check whether your mobile phone can work with GPRS or EDGE. If not, configure GPRS to you makes no sense anyway, to use this service you will not be able. Although now phones that do not support this function no the only exceptions are older models of mobile devices.
To configure GPRS for the mobile operator "MTS" connect service in the following way:- if you pripady tariff plan, dial from your mobile phone number 0022 and follow the instructions of auto-informer - if you contract tariff plan, dial from your mobile phone number 0880 and follow the voice prompts.
By activating the service, proceed to configure GPRS on your mobile phoneby entering the following data:- connection Name: MTS Internet; data bearer: Packet data (GPRS) - access point Name:;- user Name: mts;- prompt password: no; Password: mts;- more options better not touch and Express them in the form in which they are by default.
If you are faced with a situation when when connecting the service GPRS-Internet and complete the conduct of the settings on your phone, the Internet still won't work, then contact technical support at MTS, by calling the toll free number 0880 mobile phone or with the city by calling (495) 766-0166.