To accrue vacation pay is not a very difficult task, so consider all employees of the organization with the exception of the accountant who does the work.
Recently encouraged organizations to schedule vacations in such cases, the employee in two weeks, warned about the next vacation, and the accountant has sufficient time to accrue holiday pay. But there are those organizations where not prepared the vacation schedule, in this case, two weeks written the application on holiday and three days before the start of the leave is results the benefits. In order to correctly calculate holiday pay need to do the following:
You need to determine the estimated period. During the period decided to take the last 12 months worked. If the employee was employed less than twelve months ago, the estimated period is the time actually worked.
Necessary to determine the amount of vacation benefits, for this salary for twelve months is divided by twelve and 29.4, the average number of calendar days in the month. Then this value is multiplied by the number of vacation days. The calculation doesn't include a single one-time award and financial assistance.
Difficulties usually arise when the employee is not fully worked out the working days in the month, so first you need to determine the actual number of days worked in a payroll period, and you need to pay attention to what are included in the calculation and holidays.
Experienced accountant the accrual of holiday - a usual thing, but the novice will have to do it very carefully, in case errors can arise a conflict situation with the employee and inspection authorities, and this is a clear disadvantage in the job of an accountant.