Need to know how supposed to pay for the vacation, if the employee was on sick leave, not to be mistaken in calculations.

General rules for calculation of vacation pay

To calculate the leave taken average earnings for the preceding calendar year. In income takes into account wages, bonuses and other payments associated with payroll. In the calculation does not include payments for sick leave, vacation pay and other compensation that are not related to work. The sum of the total income for the year divided by the days actually worked. The average number of calendar days in one month is considered as of 29.4, that is, if the person worked full year, this figure will be equal to 352, 8 thous. Deductible periods of leave, absenteeism, being on sick leave and the other when the person was absent from work. In this case, the average number of calendar days counted proportionately. That is, divide actual earnings by actual hours worked.

How sick leave affects the amount of holiday pay

The conventional wisdom that to be absent from work because of illness, bad and disadvantageous for the employee. But in fact it is not. The first applies only to young professionals with little work experience, as according to the rules, workers with experience less than 5 years old pay 60% of the benefit, from 5 to 8 years – 80%, over 8 years – 100%. For employees who have worked for over 8 years and retained 100% of average earnings, and to decrease this amount has no rights. If you have a "white" salary, the hospital will care for you safely, this is the essence of state social insurance.

Sick leave does not affect the size of the holiday, as the periods of illness shall be deducted from the calculation, as cash sick pay.

If people only came out after illness and he is supposed to go on leave, the order of the calculation remains the standard as the payment period (three days).

At dismissal, each employee may receive compensation for unused vacation, provided that this right is not used.

Calculation rules are the same as in the selling. This payment is put people who have served in the company of 15 days or more. The period of illness is counted in the period when calculating the compensation. Also, the situation may arise that the employee "has pregoal" put it on vacation, in the calculation of 28 days holiday for one year of work. The sudden dismissal of the employee have to deduct the amount of overpaid vacation pay. To such situations was not uniformly it is desirable to make the vacation schedule and keep track of vacation time each employee individually.