Leave is granted to the employee annually. The newcomer is entitled to half of annual leave after six months worked. If the employee is retired, he is supposed to pay money (compensation) for unused vacation or part of it.
The vacation payment calculation is necessary to determine average daily earnings. It is found for the previous calendar year by dividing the salary amount by the number of months is 12 and the average number of days in the month -29,4. On the basis of the average daily wage, calculated vacation pay for the year. Annual leave for commercial organizations is 28 calendar days, for medical and law enforcement 35-40 days. Sometimes the vacation is divided into two parts for 14 days, respectively.
If the person worked for a full calendar year of difficulties in calculating the vacation there. Let's say the employee goes on leave from March 1, 2011. His salary was 40 000 rubles per month. The size of the holiday will be as follows: 40 000/29,4 * 28 = 38 095,24 ruble.
If the period is not fully worked out, the calculation is more complicated. For example, the employee was sick in the period 1 to 14 February 2011. Calculate the vacation payment is made for the period 1 March 2010 to 28 February 2011. During sick leave the employee the allowance that when calculating vacation pay not taken into account. Wages for 11 months amounted to 40,000 rubles., and for the period from 15 to 28 February, she was 20, 000. the Calculation of vacation pay in this case is the following. Income for the year will be 20 000 + 40 000*11 = 460 000 RUB Then find the number of actual calendar days: 29, 4*11 months + 29,4/28*14 = 338, 1 day. While 28 days is the number of calendar days in the month, 14 is the number of days worked in February. Then the average daily earnings is found as follows: 460 000/338,1 day = 1350, 64 rubles. Holiday per year (over 28 calendar days) will be determined, as in the first example: 1350, 64*28 = 37 817, 92 RUB