The calculation of vacation pay payable to any employee is based on the amounts received by the employee for performing his work duties. The average earnings is the basis for the purpose of vacation, so it doesn't include various social benefits, the size of which may differ significantly from the wages of an individual employee. For this reason, excluded from the calculation of almost all periods in which the employee actually performed work duties due to certain reasons. Thus, the special rules of calculation of average earnings is noted that, of the calculation period excludes the time periods in which the employee was on sick leave.

Why is sick leave not included in the calculation of vacation pay?

The reasons why the legislator refused to include the period of the employee on sick leave in the calculation of average earnings, are the need to ensure high level of safeguards for the employee. The payout of sick leave is tied to the total duration of the insurance experience of the employee, and these amounts can range from sixty to one hundred percent of the average earnings of the employee. If these payments were taken into account when calculating holiday pay, employees with little experience would receive the payments, the amount of which would be lower than their normal earnings. That is why the exception hospital from the calculation of holiday pay is quite logical and reasonable, protects the interests of workers.

What to do with the incorrect calculation of vacation pay?

If the employee discovers that his holiday pay was calculated incorrectly in connection with the inclusion in the period of the hospital, then they should contact the accounting Department of the organization for consumption. It is recommended to issue a statement in writing, and upon failure of the employee responsible for accounting, the request for recalculation, you must achieve a written justification of such a decision. If such justification is provided, the employee can appeal to the Supervisory authorities with a complaint or make a claim in court to recover the unpaid part of the leave in respect of their incorrect calculation. It will have to specifically formulate its own demands to the employer, attach your calculation of the amount of holiday pay based on the current legislation.