First, by law, a contract is a written agreement between two or more entities. So, you can try to ask for a copy of the contract from the other party and notarized a copy of it. If for some reason failed, the contract can be restored to the authority of its state registration. For example, a contract of sale is signed in three copies. One of them is kept in the Registration office. You can write a query with a request to restore the document, which will bring personally, sent by mail or, in some cases, via the Internet. On the re-issued document will be stamped "duplicate". Stamp duty will be about 100 rubles.
If you rent more than a year, your contract with the owner are also subject to state registration. If you lose this document, the procedure is the same as in the case of restoration of the contract of purchase and sale of real estate. Unregistered lease apartments the easiest way to re-sign. Lost a contract for social renting is being restored to the Department of housing policy of the administration in your city or area.
In case if you lost the contract, which was not registered on 214-mu to the Federal Law, you should contact a construction company that is a party to this agreement. If you refused to repair the document, you can demand it through the courts. Marriage contract authenticated by a notary. He also kept his copy. In case of loss of the document, go to the notary and be prepared to pay for the service.
In the same way restores any lost contractsnotarized, for example, the contract of donation. On the website you can find any notary of the Russian Federation (with addresses and phone numbers). If the notary that certifies your agreement, resigned, you can go to the notary Chamber of the town or district and to learn who from notaries transferred to the archive, which holds a copy of your contract.Well, if you lost the contract for the sale of the vehicle, then to recover it you need to contact the traffic police in ired. In the archive you will be given a photocopy with a seal.