You will need
  • a duplicate of the contract;
  • - the decision of the court.
If you need to restore the lost labor contract, then you can make a duplicate of a document available to one of the parties. That is, if the labor contract the employer has lost, a duplicate is issued with the contractand the employee. If the contract is lost, the employee, the employer is obliged to issue him with a duplicate, issued in accordance with the original. Signature in duplicate must supply the employer and employee, duplicate signatures is impossible.
If the labor contract is lost by both parties, what happens in exceptional cases, the document restore pursuant to the order on admission to work. Also note the entry in the workbook and in the personal card of the employee. In fact, lost the contractand both parties are not duplicated, and are a new contract, but given the previous dates.
If you need to restore the unlawfully terminated employment contract, the employee must apply to the labour Inspectorate, to apply, in parallel, must apply to the court of Arbitration. In the statement, specify the reasons for termination of the employment relationship, all your claims against the employer for illegal dismissal.
Contact the labour Inspectorate and the court within three months from the date of illegal dismissal. Most suitable option – is to apply directly, while the workplace is not occupied by another employee. Besides, if you disassemble wrongful dismissal from, it gives a much better chance that you will occupy the same workplace.
The employment contract can only be restored by court order. If the court decided that dismissal is indeed illegal, the employer is obliged to issue an order stating that the dismissal is considered invalid. To apologize to the employee. The employment contract will act in one that was decorated at the beginning of employment.