First check the reason for the missing documents. For example, if documentation has been lost during an emergency (fire, flood, etc.), inventory. For this regulatory document, assign members of the inventory Commission, the timing of the audit and indicate the object inventory. In the order you should specify the reason for the verification of primary documents.
At the end of the inventory draw up an act and approve it by signature. If there was a fire, will receive a certificate from the authority of the state fire service; if there is a flood, you will receive confirmation in the MOE.
If the documents had been lost or someone is destroyed, you should appoint a Commission to investigate. It should include representatives of the investigating authorities, security and other responsible persons. When stealing the documents you have to go to the police.
In the process of taking inventory make a list of lost documents. Remember that it must be accurate. For example, you have lost the invoices. In this case, you must list their numbers and dates. The list of documents verifying the Manager and chief accountant.
Fill in the address of your tax services notification of loss of primary documents. Please attach copies of the documents confirming the fact of loss. Also attach a copy of the compiled list. All documents seal of the organization and signature of the head.
Then, restore lost documents. For this you can use the electronic version of accounting. If you need to restore the primary documents received from contractors, make them address the letter with a request to duplicate the shape. All documents must have signatures of responsible persons and seals of the organizations.